Understanding your constitution is the key to unlocking your health.
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There are three main causative factors in the external universe: the sun, moon and wind. The sun is the energy of conversion represented as fire. The moon is the agency of cooling represented by the combination of earth and water. The wind is the principle of movement or propulsion represented by the combination of air and ether. All activities in the universe or in the human being are grouped into the three basic functions of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Understanding your constitution is an excellent predictor of how your body will grow and change over the course of your lifetime. It lets you develop preventive living. Your constitution establishes the long-term likelihood for your body to slip into ill health in very particular ways. By understanding those ways, you can live in ways that prevent problems, and draw the most on your inherent gifts.
01. Vata
Increased by:
• Vata is increased by the flavours of astringent, bitter and pungent flavours (as they increase dryness).
• By fear and insecurity.
• In autumn, dry windy, cold climate and excessive movement.
• At the latter stage of life.
Balanced by:
As Vata is light, cold, mobil and dry it is increased by these tendencies. It is best balanced by using the opposite qualities; more warmth, moisture, groundedness
02. Pitta
Increased by:
• Pitta is increased by pungent, salty and sour flavours (as they increase heat).
• By anger and irritation.
• Repressed emotions.
• In summer and hot environments.
• From adolescence to middle age.
Balanced by:
As pitta is hot, oily, and intense it is aggravated by these tendencies. It is best balanced by their opposites: cooling, calmness, loving, compassion and moderation.
03. Kapha
Increased by:
• Kapha is increased by sweet, sour and salty flavours (as they increase moisture).
• In winter and spring, from a damp and cold climate.
• Sleeping at daytime.
• Lack of movement and laziness.
• In childhood.
Balanced by:
As Kapha is slow, damp and heavy by nature, and has a tendency to be attracted to and therefore increase the qualities, it is best balanced with opposites: increase movement, activity, light diet, warm environment, less oils and fats, more dry foods and environment
When you come for a visit be prepared to talk about yourself. Because Ayurveda emphasises balance in all areas of your life. I take an extensive personal and medical history, including questions about daily diet, profession and working conditions, exercise routines, relationships, and mental health.

This intake process will help me to identify key symptoms and potential causes of imbalance and determine suitable treatment options. The examination generally consists of three parts: Observation, Touch, Questions The diagnosis is made not only on the disease level, but also on the patient level. This thorough examination helps me not only diagnose the disorder, but individualise or tailor treatments for your needs. I concentrate on techniques that will strengthen the healthy elements inherent in your body, which will in turn help the individual to recover. This refers to the Ayurvedic ideal of helping the body call upon its own energy to heal.

Treatments and medicines are a vital part of this process, but act only to support the body’s self-reparation, rather than cause it.
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