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Treatment in Ayurveda is a healing process which aims at finding the root cause of the problem as its objective is not just restoring health but also to create balance in the body, preventing its future occurrence and ensuring overall well- being.

Goals of treatment aid the person by eliminating impurities, reducing symptoms, increasing resistance to disease, reducing worry, and increasing harmony in life. Herbs and other plants, including oils and common spices are used extensively in Ayurveda treatment.
Duration: 60mins
Cost: $120.00
A continuous, rhythmic flow of warm medicated oil is poured onto the third eye area of the forehead, inducing an experience of deep relaxation, helping to relax both mind and body. The warm oil also calms the nervous system. This treatment is Ayurveda’s unique drug free solution to such problems as stress, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, hormonal imbalance
Abhayanga Massage
Duration: 60mins
Cost: $90.00
Full body massage using massage oil infused with medicated herbs. Oleation begins the detoxification process by lubrication-loosens impurities. Abhayanga also helps to improve the flow of energy around the body and stimulates the lymphatic and circular system, thus supporting the body’s immune system
Duration: 30mins
Cost: $65.00
During this treatment, special medicated oil is inserted in the nostrils which enhances mental and sensory clarity, clears the nose and sinuses of mucous build up and soothes dryness in the nose. This treatment is for ailments like sinus congestion, chronic headache and migraine. Before this treatment you will receive a facial marma point massage.
Duration: 60mins
Cost: $90.00
This is a body toning program, with the application of a combination of prescribed herbal powder and oil on the entire body. Udwarthanam is used in the treatment to reduce fat and strengthen the body, at the same time taking care that the body does not become too rough and dry in the whole process. Benefits are: reduces obesity, exfoliates dead skin cells, improves blood circulation conditions, reduces blood pressure
Duration: 30 mins
Cost: $40.00
Swedana in Sanskrit means “to sweat”. This treatment is used in Ayurveda before or after massage, to better infuse herbal oils into the skin, relax muscles and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints, flush out toxins, relieve stress, boost cellular repair, and increase metabolism.
Facial Marma point massage
Duration: 20 mins
Cost: $30.00
Through marma point massage, we can help clear any blockages and stagnation within
these energy points. When these energy points are cleared, energy can more freely flow
through your body and your body’s ability to self-heal increases. Marma therapy for the face improves the micro circulation that feeds the facial tissues and tones the muscles surrounding the Marmas. This brings many visible benefits to your skin and complexion. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, improve circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage, with the overall effect of rejuvenating mind and body.
Vasti Treatments.
Vasti is the procedure where heat heat of medicated oils is the active ingredient which when applied to the affected area in a particular way, alleviates the pain. The warm medicated oil is applied using a frame formed over the affected area for a specific duration. Recommended for course of treatment to last 7-14-21 days
Greva Vasti (Neck)
Duration: 30mins
Cost: $45.00
Ideal for people suffering from acute neck pains, nerve problems, tension and stress related ailments.
Kati Vasti (Lower Back)
Duration: 30mins
Cost: $45.00
Helpful for treating all lower back ailments including acute pain and chronic pain, nerve orders and sciatica.
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